Shop for Pop: 2023 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide

I just returned from an annual 3-day golf trip with a group of guys who’ve been playing together once a year for 33 years. We don’t all go every year, and sometimes we don’t see someone for a half-dozen years. Yet somehow, I feel like I recognize these guys better than my own neighbors, andContinue reading “Shop for Pop: 2023 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide”

2022 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide

This Father’s Day, I’m particularly reflective. My son—the younger of my two kids—just graduated from high school, and he’ll soon make his way out of state for college. He won’t be playing golf there, but I hope he takes the work ethic embodied in the photo below with him when he goes. This was hisContinue reading “2022 Father’s Day Golf Gift Guide”

2022 Masters Gift Guide

For over a decade, I’ve been writing a Valentine’s Day Golf Gift Guide. But realisticly, that’s not a day for golf gifts. What should be a holiday though, at least for those of us with green running through our veins and visions of birdies dancing through our heads, is Masters Week. If you live inContinue reading “2022 Masters Gift Guide”